Saturday, January 22, 2011

Washington DC - Novemeber 2010

Back at the beginning of November I went to the American Society of Human Genetics conference in Washington DC. I know these photos are a little late, but better late than never. Craig came to Washington DC too and did some sightseeing on his own, I haven't included any of those photos, he can get off his own butt and share them with you at a later date if he feels that way inclined.
The first place we visited was the mall - with the Capitol at one end and Lincoln's memorial at the other, it was one heck of a lot longer than I have ever envisaged it being. I would definitely have taken better shoes with me if I had realised how far apart some of the sites were.
The capitol building with the Ulysses Grant statue in the foreground:
The White House - I thought this was actually on the mall, but it's separated from teh main strip by a couple of parks and is actually quite a walk from the mall.
The squirrels along the mall are pretty tame. This one scabbed food off of Craig and I for quite a while, he was a real cutie pie. We had stopped at a McD's food cart to grab some fries and this guy was walking up to people's tables and practically helping himself. We love rodents!
The Washington Monument. Funny story behind this one. There is an elevator in the monument that takes people up to the top viewing platform - you have to get tickets to go up. We had tickets, hopped in the elevator and got trapped in it. At the bottom of the elevator shaft thankfully. We did get out, but we never got up the monument, they don't let people up the stairs anymore.Pictures from the Air and Space museum. A replica of the lunar module:The Bell XP - the plane Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound in.The Red Vega - does anyone know why Amelia Earhart was flying the Vega when she disappeared? I guess by that stage she must've upgraded.
This one speaks for itself! I knew all these planes were at the Air and Space museum, actually seeing all this history was amazing.It's a shame our pictures of teh Wright Flyer aren't so great - it's kept in low light conditions to preserve the wood and canvas (the canvas isn't the original though).Sputnik!!!We went to the Natural History museum too. We're a bit spoiled though, we only checked out the dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond - the rest? We've seen it all before! LOL.We did a night tour as well - so we could see everything all lit up without having to walk too far. LOL.
The WWII monument.The Jefferson memorial:
The monument from the Lincoln memorial.The Lincoln Memorial:
The Iwa Jima memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.The back of the White House. You know, just in case you wanted to see it ;-)
We went back to Arlington Cemetery the next day, I wanted to see the Kennedy memorial, the memorial to the Challenger crew and the Tomb of the Unknown soldier......
We went back to the Lincoln Memorial because I hadn't seen it yet in the daylight and I needed the stamp for my National Parks Passport.
The view from down near the WWII memorial looking towards the Lincoln Memorial.
And, just to end the trip, our mate Albert Einstein.....
Of course, we also managed to meet up with my old college roommate and his wife and he and I got trashed, well, probably just me - but we never took any photos. We also had lunch with my friend Bonnie who worked in DC (worked!). The conference was very good, better than I was expecting it to be and I think Craig had a good time while he was exploring on his own. Sorry all the pictures were so long in coming Mum's, but they're here now and better late than never right?
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Missus Wookie said...

Thanks for sharing - you brought back some good memories. If you liked the Spirit of St Louis you need to go to Philly and the Ben Franklin they've got the Wright Flyer... yep that one ;)

Didn't get to Einstein, shame as Ewok's reading about him this month.

The monument was closed when we went.. maybe they had elevator trouble then too?

me said...

cold chills and good memories of DC ~ TFS!

townmonkey said...

Lovely photos, I love you two on Einstein's lap.